BAPIO Research & Innovation Competition (BRIC) 2018

12th - 14th October 2018

Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre, Bristol


British Association of Physicians of India (BAPIO) is pleased to announce the BAPIO Research & Innovation Competition (BRIC) 2018, in collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, and Doctors Academy.

The BRIC aims to promote the exchange of medical and scientific knowledge, enabling enthusiastic and inspired medical students and junior doctors to present their work to their peers, either in the form of an oral or a poster presentation.

There will be four sections under which abstracts can be submitted:

1.     Clinical Science / Patient Based Research
2.     Basic Science/Translational Research
3.     Innovations in Healthcare
4.     Hospital and Healthcare Management

Once the abstracts are submitted online, candidates will be short-listed to present their work as an oral presentation on 13th October (Saturday). A panel of eminent judges will select the top five abstracts, whose first authors will be invited to present their work in the plenary session on 14th October (Sunday). The authors of other selected abstracts will be invited to present their work as a poster at the conference. All candidates whose work has been selected for presentation will receive a certificate of participation.


Medical Students, Allied Health Professionals, Junior Doctors, SAS Doctors and Consultants (within 2 years of starting) from the UK and abroad, irrespective of nationality or ethnicity, can be the presenting authors in this competition.

Awards Trophy Certificate Prizes
1st Prize Trophy Certificate All paid for opportunity to travel to India
and present the paper in an International conference
+ 1-week clinical attachment in an Indian Hospital.
2nd Prize Trophy Certificate £ 250
3rd Prize Trophy Certificate £ 100
1st Prize Trophy Certificate £ 100
2nd Prize Trophy Certificate £ 50
3rd Prize Trophy Certificate £ 25
All Participants Certificate Certificates of Participation to all
on behalf of RCP, RCPCH, DA and BAPIO

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Opens: 24th July 2018
Abstract Submission Closes: 26th August 2018
Notification of Selected Abstracts: by 31st August 2018
(via email)
Dates of the Event: 13th and 14th October 2018

Registration Fee

There is no fee to submit an abstract.

The (first) author of the abstract selected for oral or poster presentation will need to register for the conference. The registration fee for presenters is highly subsidised(£25 for Junior Doctors, Middle Grade Doctors, SpRs, Fellows and SAS Doctors; free for Medical/Dental students and AHPs). This subsidised fee includes attendance on both days of the conference, as well as refreshments and lunch. Please note that this fee does not include entrance to the Gala Dinner on Saturday 13th October.

Please visit the following link in order to register for the event:
Please visit : for further information.

If more than one abstract is accepted from the same authorial team, separate presenters should register for each abstract accepted.

The BAPIO Research & Innovation Committee

1.     Dr. Jaspal Dua, BRIC Lead
2.    Dr. Madhu Chendrimada, BRIC Coordinator
3.    Dr Subarna Chakrabarty
4.    Dr. Sunil Daga
5.    Dr Ajay Gupta


A panel of eminent judges will be judging on both the days.

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

1.      Submissions will only be accepted via the online system. Please visit in order to submit an abstract.
2.      Microsoft Word should be used to create the abstract. Kindly "copy and paste" the words in the 'Submit Research Abstracts' text box during online registration.
3.      The word count includes the title, the sub-headings, the names, affiliations and addresses of the authors, and a maximum of 5 keywords.
4.      Abstracts will be independently scored by a panel of experts and the highest scoring abstracts will be invited for oral presentation (unless the abstract was submitted only for poster presentation).
5.      Candidates will be short-listed to present their work as an oral presentation on 13th October (Saturday). A panel of eminent judges will select the top five abstracts, whose first authors will be invited to present their work in the plenary session on 14th October (Sunday).
6.      A number of authors will be invited to present their work as posters at the conference on Saturday 13th October.
7.      You may submit as many abstracts as you wish. If more than one abstract is accepted from the same authorial team, separate presenters should register for each abstract accepted.

Word Count

A maximum of 400 words are allowed. This includes titles, sub-titles, names and affiliations of authors. This does not include any tables or graphs.


Please try to avoid abbreviations as much as possible. Where essential, use only standard abbreviations. Where first used, abbreviations should be followed by the full term in parenthesis.

Special Assistance

For presenting authors who require special assistance, please contact or


Any relevant associations should be declared


The first author and the senior author will be required to obtain informed consent from ALL co-authors for this submission.


The first author and the senior author must provide their working email IDs.

Sample Abstract

Marcello Sala1, M. Miceli1, P. Rombolà, F. Scolamacchia2, A. Ubaldi and A. Battisti (list any institutional affiliations here)

Institute /Affiliations:
1. Dept of Genetics, Institute of Human Studies, Any Road, Anywhere, A12 9BC 2. Dept of Surgery, Anywhere NHS Foundation Trust, Any Road, Anywhere, A12 9BC

Anywhere NHS Foundation Trust, Any Road, Anywhere, A12 9BC


High-Level Beta-Hexachlorocyclohexane Contamination in Dairy Farms—Sacco River Valley, Latium, Italy, 2005


Background: In March 2005, the Italian National Monitoring System on Chemical Residuals in Food of Animal Origin detected levels of the pesticide beta-hexachlorocyclohexane (ß-HCH) in bulk-milk from a dairy farm in the Sacco River valley that were 30 times higher than the legal limit of 3ppb. B-HCH, a lindane isomer and possible human carcinogen, was subsequently found in milk from several neighboring farms. A study was therefore undertaken to evaluate the extent and risk factors for contamination.

Methods: All dairy cattle farms in the valley were enrolled in a retrospective cohort study and their bulk milk analyzed for ß-HCH. A questionnaire was administered to farmers to evaluate possible exposure factors. Low-level contamination was defined as ß-HCH levels in bulk-milk between 0-1.9ppb and high-level as >2ppb.

Results: Of 244 farms tested, 34 (13,9%) had high-level contamination. Feeding animals on fodder cultivated in soils watered with and/or flooded by river water was observed in 33/34 (97.0%) of high-level farms and in 23/210 (10.9%) of those with low contamination (relative risk =110.8; 95%confidence interval 15.5-792); the risk remained essentially unaltered after controlling for several potentially confounding variables. Subsequent investigation by local environmental authorities revealed that the source of contamination was an abandoned industrial site near the riverbank that had produced lindane for decades; high ß-HCH levels were demonstrated in water sediments, soil, and fodder from the area.

Conclusions: Cattle fodder cultivated near a contaminated river was the main risk factor for ß-HCH contaminated milk. On the basis of the epidemiologic evidence and environmental testing, watering local fields with river water and production of fodder in farms with contaminated soil was banned, and all animals from positive farms were culled.

Keywords: beta-hexachlorocyclohexane, organochlorines, milk, cattle, cohort study

Guidelines for Poster Presentation

All posters should be produced in portrait (vertical) format: size A0 (A zero).

All posters should be affixed to the poster boards by 10:00 hours on Saturday 13th October. The posters will be assigned a number, which will also be displayed on the allocated poster board. Posters can be taken down after 15:00 hours on Sunday 14th October. Suitable materials will be provided to affix the poster to the board. Assistance will be available on site in this regard.

Size Width x Height (mm) Width x Height (in)
A0 841 x 1189 mm 33.1 x 46.8 in

  • Kindly contact us on these mails below if you have any difficulty in submitting the abstract. If there are technical difficulties in submission, you can email us the abstract(s) in the required format to our emails.

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Date 12th - 14th October 2018
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