Managing Facial Palsy: A Structured Overview of Principles for the FRCS Exit Exam

29th April 2021

1900 - 2015 hours (UK time)

Online Via Zoom


The facial nerve is important for both communication and expression, and impairment of its function can severely affect a patient’s quality of life. Since the facial nerve supplies all muscles of facial expression (except LPS), injury to it results in facial droop, as well as dry eye, reduced corneal reflex, drooling, hyperacusis, altered taste, otalgia, and speech articulation problems. The signs, symptoms and laterality will depend on if it is an upper or lower motor neurone type of facial palsy. The management is influenced by the aetiology and type of lesion, relevant patient factors, and the severity of symptoms.

This talk, by Mr Ramesh Vidyadharan, a highly experienced Plastic Surgeon from the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, will elucidate in great detail the differences between adult and paediatric facial palsy, the management options for addressing the associated eye deformity, and the restoration of smile and facial movements, as well as provide a structure in formulating a treatment plan and discuss the optimal outcome measures.

Learning Objectives:

  • classify facial palsy systematically.
  • understand the principles of evaluating a patient with facial palsy.
  • understand the essential treatment objectives.
  • appreciate the principles behind restoring function.
  • formulate a logical reconstructive strategy.

Suitable for:

  • ST3 and above trainees in Plastic Surgery
  • ST3 and above trainees in ENT Surgery
  • ST3 and above trainees in OMFS Surgery
  • Trainees preparing for FRCS (Plast) Exam
  • Trainees preparing for FRCS (ENT) Exam
  • Post CCT trainees in Plastic Surgery
  • Post CCT trainees in ENT Surgery
  • Interface Fellows in Head and Neck Surgery
  • Fellows in Facial Cosmetic Surgery


Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Birmingham Children’s Hospital

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Date 29th April 2021
Time 1900 - 2015 hours (UK time)
Online Via Zoom
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