2023 National Conference - Orthopaedic Medicine

18th March 2023 (Saturday)

University of St Andrews School of Medicine, N Haugh, St Andrews KY16 9TF


The University of St Andrews Surgical Society is proud to announce the annual conference.
This year, the conference is based on orthopaedic medicine. The event will include talks by four speakers, all of whom are orthopaedic surgeons excelling in their field. With a mix of differing sub-specialities, talks will vary from topics involving paediatric orthopaedic surgery to research on challenges for women in orthopaedics. In addition four workshops will take place led by surgeons who will demonstrate various techniques used in orthopaedic surgery.

Aims and Objectives

The conference aims to provide delegates with an opportunity to learn about the field of orthopaedic surgery and surgical techniques first hand from experienced surgeons. The event will provide delegates with an opportunity to network with those who share the same passion and to help consolidate whether a delegate considers orthopaedic surgery a suitable chosen specialty.

Fee, Date and Venue

  • Date : 18th March 2023 (Saturday)
  • Conference Fee :
    £15.00 full-day (which includes talks and workshops).
    £7.50 half-day (which consists of talks only)
  • Suitable for : Pre-clinical/clinical medical students



The bell pepper arthroscopy workshop will provide delegates with an opportunity to practice arthroscopic techniques on bell peppers as a proxy for human joints. Attendees will create an incision in bell peppers, insert an arthroscope, then perform various manoeuvres and techniques used in real practice with guidance from the workshop lead.

The operative fixation workshop will provide attendees with an opportunity to practice techniques used to surgically manage fractures. Specifically, attendees will be provided with an opportunity to use various operative fixation mediums such as volar plates, screws and K-wires to fixate various bone fractures.

The suturing workshop will provide delegates with an opportunity to revise essential suturing techniques alongside those more specific to the field of orthopaedics. Attendees will receive guidance on how to perform basic to advanced level sutures with guidance from the workshop lead.

The scrubbing and gowning workshop will provide delegates with an opportunity to learn how to correctly prepare for an operation. In addition this workshop will provide guidance and tips on operating within the theatre culture and how to gain maximum from surgical experience placements.


Dr Lukasz Luboinski, MD, Carolina Medical Centre
Miss Maryam Ahmed, MBBS, MRCS
Miss Emily Baird, (Tr & Orth), FFST RCSEd
Professor Leela Biant BSc (Hons), MBBS, AFRCSEd, FRCSEd (Tr&Orth), MSres, MFSTEd

Organising Committee

Mr Edrick Kim (President)
Ms Zara Tebay (Vice President)
Ms Shona M’gadzah (Treasurer)
Mr Rohan Gupta (Secretary)
Mr Calum Wehmeyer (ScotGEM Rep)
Ms Tereza Bortlová (Non-Medic Rep)
Ms Madihah Masturina (Non-Medic Rep)
Ms Nayeon Kim (Clinical Skills Coordinator)

Mr Elijah (Publicity Officer)
Ms Ellice (Academic Convenor)
Ms Srisha Dristi (Social and Charities Rep)
Ms Valencia (Social and Charities Rep)
Ms Sarah Mackel (Intersociety Rep)
Ms Heidi Josefsson (Conference Co-Chair)
Ms Natasha Ranjit (Conference Co-Chair)