Medical School Interviews Course

1st December 2019

School of Biosciences, Cardiff University


This half-day intensive course is designed to equip applicants with an understanding and awareness of a variety of important areas that are often broached in medical school interviews (both MMI and panel interviews). Through a number of simulated one-to-one interviews, it encourages attendees to excel at medical school interviews, providing a sound basis to be successful in the interviews for the most competitive medical schools and helping them to obtain a place in the medical school of their first choice.

The course will offer attendees the opportunity to discuss the topics that are commonly asked in medical school interviews in a simulated and focused setting. These include:

  • Personal statement.
  • Ethics and ethical dilemmas.
  • Essentials of medical research.
  • An understanding of the NHS and its hierarchy.
  • An acknowledgement of the importance of the doctor-patient relationship.
  • An awareness of the cardinal components required to become a doctor (clinical knowledge; competence; decision making; compassion; confidentiality; and ethics).
  • An understanding of the basis of common medical conditions.


  • One-to-One Simulated Interviews
  • Individualised Feedback from Tutors
  • Practice of Common Topics Broached in the Interview
Quick Information
Fully Subscribed. A Waiting List Is Now Open For This Course
Date 1st December 2019
Time 0900-1315 hours
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School of Biosciences, Cardiff University
Course Fee Free for all UK students. This course is funded by Doctors Academy Higher Education Board.
Closing Date Places will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis and therefore we are unable to provide a precise closing date.
No of Places 8
Places will be awarded on a competitive basis. Kindly complete the registration form in order to be considered for a place at this course.
Dress code Professional/Semi-formal
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