About Doctors Academy

Doctors Academy, an International Consortium of Medical and Dental Practitioners, undertakes a diverse range of educational activities and clinical skills training programmes for healthcare professionals from all parts of the globe. The aim of the Academy is to disseminate information, and exchange medical knowledge, technical and technological expertise between the professionals working in varied healthcare settings in developed and developing nations. It is envisaged that bridging the knowledge, technical and skills gap between professionals from diverse backgrounds will lead to improvements in global health and, ultimately, benefit patient care.

The Academy runs numerous medical and dental educational and training programmes, which is managed by the Education and Editorial Board of the Academy. The cost involved to develop and run these educational programmes (including database and net management) is generated from the professional activities carried out by the Education and Editorial Board, who are permanent members of the Doctors Academy. Doctors and Dentists from any part of the world are eligible for affiliate membership with the academy, subject to verification of their professional registration with the respective board/council. Likewise, medical and dental students may be eligible for student membership, subject to verification of their registration with a recognised university or medical/dental school. All affiliate and student members, in addition to having the privilege of communicating with contemporaries globally, will also have access to numerous educational and teaching material at a subsidised cost that are available in the Academy website. They may also be eligible for attending, at subsidised rates, various educational courses and clinical skills training workshops conducted by the Academy. All members (affiliate or student) will be expected to uphold the values and ethos of the academy at all times.

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