Doctors Academy will facilitate organisations, hospitals, institutions, universities and societies to announce their medical educational and training activities to a global audience. We will also support and promote the activity of any charity organisation that is involved in medical education, health and humanities in any part of the world. The following criterion needs to be fulfilled for us to accept and announce your activity:

All pronouncements should:

  1. be directly relevant to the educational and training needs of our users (i.e., medical and dental students, doctors and biomedical scientists)
  2. not promote any commercial product overtly or covertly
  3. be non-aligned and should not support an individual product over that of its competitors

What type of announcements will we accept?

  1. Medical/Scientific educational and training courses
  2. Charity events aimed to support medical education and health
  3. Grants, fellowships and scholarships aimed to support individuals from resource-poor backgrounds
  4. Medical/Scientific journals which is committed to unbiased and balanced reporting
  5. Groundbreaking medical or scientific breakthrough
  6. Information on novel medicines or therapies aimed at treatment of infectious and communicable diseases in developing nations
  7. Medical/dental student organisations involved in health and educational activities

We will NOT announce any activities related to commercial advertising or promotion of individual medicinal products or pharmaceutical companies.

We do not charge any fees or accept any compensation, financial or otherwise, for announcing your event/activity. Our advisory board will consider the merits of your venture (i.e., whether it complies with our ethos) before agreeing to accept your announcement. We may consider endorsing your activity if we strongly feel that it will benefit a global audience.

If you wish to announce your activity please contact us at providing us with the following information:

Our Information and Communications team will contact you shortly after we receive your request.

Thank you for your interest.
Yours truly,
Information and Communication Directorate
Doctors Academy