Cardiff DOHNS Course: Focused Communication Skills for DOHNS OSCE / MRCS (ENT)

21st February 2020 (1530-1930 hours)

Doctors Academy Centre, Cardiff, United Kingdom


This half-day course will allow the delegate to prepare for the communication skills component of the DOHNS MRCS Part B (OSCE) / MRCS (ENT) examination in a focused and friendly setting. Each delegate will receive one-to-one tuition, enabling him or her to identify areas of weakness within this field and to improve upon these.

This one-to-one tuition is particularly relevant for those with limited experience in the UK hospital setting and for those who have not done all of their training in the UK. It will allow the delegate to develop an insight into and to prepare for the communication skills that are tested in the examination, which are based on standard doctor-patient interaction within a clinical setting. This will include information giving, information gathering, history taking, breaking bad news, and consent.

Delivered by surgeons and advanced linguistic specialists, the teaching session will focus more on the literary and linguistic aspects, British phrases, colloquial terminologies, mannerisms, and interpersonal skills - all within the context of the DOHNS exam.

Quick Information
Places are currently available.
Dates 21st February 2020 (1530-1930 hours)
23rd February 2020 (0830-1230 hours)
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Doctors Academy Centre, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Course Fee £ 150.00
Closing Date Places will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis and therefore we are unable to provide a precise closing date.
No of Places 4 (per session)
Dress code Professional/Semi-formal
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